Saturday, January 17, 2009

Church Record Sunday: Moravian Archives

The Moravian Archives, established in 1753, are one of the oldest archives in the United States. The Moravian Archives holds the records of the Moravian Church in America.

The Archives are open to researchers, for instructions on how to get to the Archives located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, consult their website at

The Archives house 12,000 memoirs of members of the Moravian church. These memoirs are compiled upon the death of the person and provides genealogical information about the person beyond just birth and death dates. Other church records include births, deaths, marriages, baptisms, genealogies written by families and the Records of the Moravians in North Carolina. The Records are a 12 volume work church diaries and other documents.

When researching or requesting information, please note that the Archives does not photocopy documents , instead they provide a typewritten report.


Al in PA said...

A slight correction: The Moravian Archives in Winston-Salem is responsible for records from Moravian congregations in our Southern Province (from Virginia southward). The Northern Province (from Maryland northward) has its own Archives in Bethlehem PA. Their procedures are much the same.

Al Reynolds
Graceham Moravian Church
Thurmont, Maryland

Al in PA said...

A slight correction. The Moravian Archives in Winston-Salem are only responsible for records from our congregations in the Southern Province (Virginia and southward). Our Northern Province (Maryland and northward) has its own Archives in Bethlehem PA. Procedures are much the same. These are professional archives with climate-controlled environments and bank vault doors.

Al Reynolds
Graceham Moravian Church, Thurmont Maryland

Gena Philibert Ortega said...

Thanks so much for your correction. I really appreciate it.