Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oneida Community Genealogy Continued

On Sunday, I wrote about the Oneida Community as a part of my Church Record Sunday. At my presentation yesterday at the North County San Diego Genealogical Society I actually met someone with ancestors who were members of the Oneida Community. I almost fell over-mostly because The Oneidas were a small group so the chances are slim of meeting anyone, especially a few days after writing the post.

She told me about a book that would help researchers of the Oneida Community, beyond what I wrote about on Sunday. The book is entitled, The Oneida Family, Genealogy of a 19th Century Perfectionist Commune by John B. Teeple. This book was a limited run. If you go to Calcat ( you can look it up for the complete bibliographic record. It look as thought the only California library to own a copy is at UC Davis. World Cat shows 8 libraries in the US that own it including the New England Historic Genealogical Society.

This book includes a surname index and photos.


Megan Cole said...

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Apple said...

Neat that you met just after your post! If you are interested in what the Mansion and grounds looks like today, Mrs Mecomber visited last year.