Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Curiosity and Genealogy

Yesterday, while I was at the doctors I was reading this month's Reader's Digest and it had an interesting article about curiosity. The premise was that adults lose their curiosity because unlike children, they have pretty much figured out how life works and as a result are no longer curious. I thought this was interesting because as genealogists-we should have an enormous amount of curiosity. Otherwise, how can you find that brick wall ancestor.

Curiosity is what makes you ask questions, lots of questions. It helps you seek out new answers, learn new things-all important to doing genealogy. Plus, we all have been told that working the brain helps us in our latter years.

I looked at the Reader's Digest website and the article doesn't seem to be there, but here is another article on curiosity that you might be interested in.

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Bill West said...

I'm not sure the article's premise is entirely
true because if adults use their curiosity,
what drives them to develop new technology
in business and science?

And I know we genealogists have plenty of
curiosity to spare.

Good post. Made me think!
Good post