Monday, March 29, 2010

52 Weeks of Genealogy Sources: Week 8, 40 Ways to Find Vital Record Information

I was going through some old papers and found this list I started.  Now some of these documents may not give you an actual date but they may give you a clue. For example, land deeds aren't going to provide a death date but they may show a widow and/or her children selling land after her husband dies. An ancestor may be shown paying taxes year after year and then he disappears from the tax roll.

In some cases you can find the documents listed through an online subscription site or you may find them by researching at a library, archive or museum.  Don't forget to use NUCMC and PERSI as you research.

40 Ways to Find Vital Records Information

1.  State Vital Record Certificates
2.  World War I Draft Registration
3.  World War II Draft Registration (Old Man's Draft)
4.  Midwife Diary
5.  Military Pensions
6.  Birthday Books
7.  Scrapbooks
8.  Social Security Death Index
9.  U.S. Federal Census
10. State Census
11. Religious Census 
12. Newspapers
13. Cemetery Records
14. Funeral Home Records
15. Grave Stones
16. County History Books (Mug Books)
17. Land Records
18. Plat Maps
19. Funeral Cards
20. Photographs
21. Divorce Records
22. Passport
23. Military Records
24. Immigration Records
25. Minister Journals
26. Church Records
27. School Records
28. School Census
29. Journals/Diaries
30. Cemetery Transcriptions
32. Work Pension (i.e., Railroad Retirement)
33. Mortality Schedule
34. Freedman Bank Records
35. Ship Passenger Records
36. Alumni Lists
37. Yearbooks
38. Needlework Sampler/Quilt (Friendship Quilt with names and dates)
39. Medical Records
40.  Tax Records


Anonymous said...

thx u very much, i learn a lot

Family Curator said...

Love this list, Gena, especially #4. Go Martha Ballard!