Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Researching a (Genealogy) Roadshow

Next Monday, a new genealogy TV show will premiere. Genealogy Roadshow is different than the shows currently on TV. It looks into the family stories of everyday people. We all have those stories, some true some more embellishment than anything. But it's those stories that make families excited about learning more about their family history. Genealogy Roadshow is going to provide that.

I have a personal connection to Genealogy Roadshow, I was one of the genealogists hired to research these stories. While I can't reveal anything at this point, I'm excited to see these stories on air. I'm looking forward to watching the stories that I helped to research.

If I were to share just one take away I have from this experience it would be, collaboration is key. It's through collaboration with onsite researchers that allowed me to help fit the pieces together from some of those  stories. It was through that collaboration that we were able to find documentation that I alone would not have found from a remote location. It was through networking online and with friends of friends that we were able to tell stories that had previously been difficult to confirm.

So as you watch Genealogy Roadshow on your local PBS station on Monday, know that it's a large group effort. That same networking and collaborative effort can help you break down your own brick walls.


Erica said...

I look forward to the show and knowing that you helped to make it happen. Congrats.

Celia Lewis said...

I'm certain the back-stage experience adds to watching the final story. What a wonderful recognition of your skills! Cheers.