Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Are You Related to Mary Yvonne Cadotte?

One of the activities I enjoy is going to antique stores and picking up various pieces of ephemera. Now I do this for a number of reasons, primarily to provide me with inspiration for articles and presentations. Occasionally it's because I need that type of document to take a photo of to illustrate an article.

Recently, one of my favorite places to find ephemera was selling stuff by the bag. Now this isn't the greatest way for me to get materials for articles since some of the ephemera could be items that have no genealogical or historical value. Because the bag was full and I couldn't see everything in the bag, I took a gamble. I just knew there was one item that looked promising.

On the back of this photo was this:

Don't we wish all family photos had this much detailed information? It's rare but it's wonderful that this person added so much. It really turns this from an orphan photo to one that we may find a relative for.

So what we know about Mary is this:

  • She was born October 26th 1909
  • She graduated Marine City High School in 1927 (There is a Marine City High School in Michigan)
  • She was married twice
  • First marriage to Everett Neal (October 22, 1928)  who died in a car accident in California
  • After first marriage, she and Everett moved to California.
  • Second marriage to Tom Herbert who had a son from his first wife. Son's name was Howard, born in 1942
  • Mary had no children
  • Photo is stamped November 15, 1944
Are you related to any of these families?


miscelena said...

Wow...that IS rare and amazing. I'm not related, but couldn't resist a peek in Ancestry.

There's a Howard T Herbert (b. 7 Nov 1942 (someone's off by a day)) listed in US Public Records in CA, as well as a HTH2 (b. 22 Feb 1966) in Santa Barbara.

Marriage records, plus a quick Google led here:

Now, if you're looking for a Cadotte or a Neal, there's lots of leads. I don't have time to chase 'em just yet, but she's the daughter of Ira and Edith Cadotte, in Marine, St Clair, Michigan in 1910 and 1920. She has several siblings.

Everett was the son of George and Alma - he and Mary are living with them in both 1930 and 1940. Everett also has several brothers - one of whom has a child named George Neal.

No time now to keep going... hope that helps...

Do you actually return the photos?

Gena Philibert-Ortega said...

Yes, I actually will be returning the photo to a family member should they contact me.

Mary had no children so we know there are no descendants but maybe siblings or cousins or such would treasure this photo of her.

Thanks for your extra sleuthing on this case! I will probably do a follow-up blog post and add what you have looked up.


miscelena said...

Glad to help!

I can't help but wonder who took the time to record all of that info... was it Mary herself? It's interesting what's included ("treasure of her class") and what's not (the date of Everett's death).

Look forward to your follow-up! :)