Monday, May 05, 2014

Join me for Breakfast! Jamboree Style

Going to the Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree? Like to eat breakfast? (You know you need to eat breakfast at least once while you are there.) So why not join me for Of Elephants, Gold, and Dashed Dreams: Researching the California Gold Rush, the Scholarship Award Breakfast on Sunday, June 8th.

Official announcement of Jamboree breakfast including a joke those Jamboree folks played on me.

Sure there's going to be the traditional breakfast foods; eggs, fruit, "assorted herbal infusions," sausage or bacon (heck, consider it an all-you-can-eat bacon bar) but more importantly it supports a cause, the Suzanne Winsor Freeman Memorial Student Genealogy Grant founded by my friend the Family Curator, Denise Levenick, and honoring her mom. I believe in this grant and am honored that I will be providing the presentation for this award breakfast.

So sure, come and eat lots of bacon with me but also come to support the winner of this year's grant, tell Denise thank you for giving this grant, and thank the Jamboree folks for supporting it. It's through opportunities like this award that we support the continued love of family history in the next generation.

To sign up for the breakfast, see the Jamboree website. There is a limit to how many people they will provide all-you-can-eat bacon too, so please hurry and register.

See you at the breakfast!

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Family Curator said...

Gena - I am honored that you will be the featured speaker for the 2014 Scholarship Breakfast. My mother loved touring California's gold country along the 49 Highway and I spent many summers panning for fools' gold on those trips. Thank you for supporting the Student Genealogy Grant!
I will see you at Jamboree! ~ Denise