Monday, March 02, 2015

Women's History Month 2015: Finding Social History at Accessible Archives

As family historians there's certain websites we are very familiar with. I'm sure in a matter of seconds you could name your top five favorite websites to research your family history.

But what else is out there? There are other subscription websites targeting genealogists and historians. In some cases you can only access these through an institutional subscription. In others you can purchase an individual subscription.

Here's one to become more familiar with, Accessible Archives.

What does Accessible Archives offer? "Primary source materials from 18th and 19th century publications." African American newspapers, women's suffrage newspapers, women's magazines, and county histories make up this unique collection of documents.

So how will this help your research? Unlike the resources we are most accustomed to, you may not find your ancestor's name within the holdings of Accessible Archives. Sure they may be listed in a county history or newspaper but even if they aren't, that's ok. What you will find is materials to help you better understand their lives and time periods. That can help you tell a story or find additional records.

Lucky for us, for Women's History Month they are offering a discount. For this month save  $55, so your subscription is only $34.95/year. To learn more see their website

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