Sunday, March 13, 2016

Women's History Month 2016: Tip # 12 Add Social History

Social history can be found almost everywhere including academic libraries.
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Combining genealogy with social history is something I'm passionate about, especially when telling the story of women's lives. Social history enriches the story you are trying to tell. It fills in the blanks and helps you better understand her life.

Not sure what social history is? Here's a definition:

 history that concentrates upon the social, economic, and cultural institutions of a people

Social history is the study of ordinary people’s lives. Consider questions that go beyond names and dates. Research what life was like for your ancestor, what they ate, what they wore, what was a typical day like, etc…

Social history utilizes
Traditional genealogical sources
Manuscript collections
Diaries, journals and letters

Where can you find social history? Some websites to check out include:

Check out Discover Your Ancestors magazine for some great social history + genealogy articles.

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Friends, do you want to know more about social history and how to add it to your research? Do you want to learn more about rich resources just waiting for you? Do you want to get excited about your family history research? (The answer to all these questions is, Of Course!)

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